Audio Engineering


SSLWith the aspiring home recordist or budding engineer in mind, this workshop helps de-mystify the recording studio experience. Starting with basics like acoustics, microphone theory, cabling, and signal flow, the class will work from the ground up and map out every element of audio engineering. Students will get hands on time operating a large format mixing console and use the latest DAW (digital audio workstation) softwares including ProTools, Cubase, Sonar, & Reaper. This course focuses on recording concepts such as gain structure, routing, and DAW basics- recommended for beginner to intermediate students with less than 100 hours of recording experience.

Instructed by Blake Bickel & Brad Kaminski

Class length: 9hrs (1hr lunch)

Class size: 5 Participants

Course Fee $300

MUSIC PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY & MIX THEORY – 6 sessions / weekly workshop

VU meterIf you’re looking to maximize productivity in your home studio, this weekly course will help you make great sounding recordings and understand how to get the most out of your recording software. Each session will focus on working with different instrumentation, editing, and processing techniques. The course will cover concepts  in tracking, mixing, dynamics processing, EQ, effects, routing, as well as help students export great sounding masters. – intended for intermediate students or those who have completed the intro to audio engineering workshop.

Instructed by Brad Kaminski

Class length: 2.5hrs (x6)

Class size: 6 participants

Course Fee $475

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