Brad Kaminski – Engineering – Voice Over – Intro To Home Recording

Audio Engineer – Vertigo Productions

Producing and engineering since 2001, Brad is an experienced and dedicated music producer. With a degree in Audio production from McNally Smith, and recording credits with hundreds of artists, Brad prides himself in his ability to bring out the best in those around him. Since 2008 Brad has been heavily involved in Voice Over recording and has helped hundreds of VO artists build careers and grow towards their potential.


Eric Fridrich – Guitar – Voice – Drums – Composition – Harmonica

Professional Musician – Eric Fridrich & The Wanderlust

A musical virtuoso, Eric Fridrich takes the phrase “Jack of all trades & master of none” and throws it to the wind. His instrumental abilities span guitar, harmonica, drums, piano, vocals, and more. Specializing in blues, jazz, pop, and world music, Eric is a professional performing artist in Seattle. A steady stream of performances and concerts keeps Eric busy when he’s not working with one of several nonprofit organizations he’s spearheaded to help educate the youth about music.

Scott Burns

Scott Burns – Voice Over

Voice Actor/Producer – Destination Marketing

Scott has been a trendsetter in the world of professional voice over for over 20 years. His work ranges from radio, to television, internet, feature film and video games. Overwhelmingly personable and easy to get along with, Scott’s talents as an instructor lie in his ability to help other’s find their strengths. In addition to teaching Seattle Studio Training voice workshops, Scott is available for private consultation through

Blake Bickel – Mastering

Chief Engineer – Dynamic Sound Service

Skilled mastering engineers are hard to find. The task of mastering requires patience, dedication, and precise control of specialized audio equipment. Blake Bickel delivers all of the above with grace and an uncanny ability to communicate complex concepts to his clients. A master of understanding how technology weaves itself into art, Blake has over a decade of experience as a professional mastering engineer and encourages his clients and students to give the mastering process the space and perspective it truly deserves.