Night MixerSeattle Studio Training provides top tier instruction in all fields of audio recording and music production. We believe at the core of every great learning experience is a great teacher, With individual tutoring, group workshops, & regularly scheduled classes, we make it easy for students to learn from our team of experienced industry professionals in whatever form best suits their learning style and schedule.

As active industry professionals we recognize the complexity of skills required to work in the multimedia industry. Whether you’re hoping to establish a new career, or build a skill set that will allow you to enjoy your personal passion, we understand how frightening and frustrating the learning curve can be. Our team of expert engineers, musicians, and business people are all dedicated to sharing their knowledge and making the learning process as productive and enjoyable as possible.

“If you want to get started in voiceover but don’t know how to start, take Brad and Scott’s intro class, period. Even if you’ve already gotten started, Brad’s detailed instruction and Scott’s patient coaching help validate your work and take it to the next step. These guys know what they’re doing. Highly recommended!”

– Aaron Wheeler – INTRO TO VOICEOVER -workshop participant

“Brad & Scott led a fun and very helpful workshop. For a first timer like me, they created a safe and honest environment. Thanks again!”

– Meg VanDeusen – INTRO TO VOICEOVER – workshop participant

“Scott provided hands-on tricks for recording and editing (voice over) auditions while keeping us laughing with hilarious content. I absolutely LOVED the workshop!”

– Dana Hurley – VOICE OVER TECHNOLOGY – workshop participant

“Getting the opportunity to do hands on recording in the studio with Brad was great. His guidance and ability to share recording knowledge really helped me feel proficient in my home studio.”

– Jason Barry – AUDIO ENGINEERING – 1 on 1 consultation

“I love how they’ve designed the course to break things down and make the basics so easy… more importantly they’ve tailored the program to make things fun. Highly recommended.”

– Benjamin Jahn- Professional Peer